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Choosing the Right Bed for Your Dog

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Choosing the Right Bed for Your Dog

Choosing a suitable bed for your dog can often seem daunting, as your dog will have certain qualities that you need to cater for. Plus, it only adds to the confusion that there are so many different dog beds that you can choose from. The goal of this article is to simplify this decision for you and give your dog the bed it needs to be comfortable and feel secure in your home.

The first consideration should be the size of your dog. If your dog is a puppy, buy a bed that will accommodate its size when it is fully grown. For an indication of how large your new puppy will grow to be, take a look at his or her paws in relation to the size of its body. If their feet are quite large, you may have to prepare for a particularly large dog. But if the paws are small you can be comfortable in purchasing a small sized bed.

The second factor to take into account are the qualities and styles that you would like the bed to have. Would you like the bed to be machine washable? Would you like the bed to have walls, or be flat and more mattress shaped? For example, our Gor Pets rectangular sleeper dog cushions are the perfect mattress shape bed for large breed dogs. They are thick and comfortable, machine washable and the outer layer is water resistant. They are also a great choice for dogs that tend to shed, as they are slick and there are no fibres for your dog’s hair to stick to. So no hovering required!

If you’re looking for a more traditional dog bed, a walled bed is perfect for you and your pooch. View the selection on our dog beds page.

If your dog lives out-doors, a plastic dog bed would be ideal. These beds dry easily in our Irish weather and are easy to wipe clean after muddy paw prints. They can be stuffed with water proof blankets or cushions too to keep your dog comfortable, such as our Hammock car seat cover, which as it says, can also be used for comfortable car transport!

Finally you should think about the age of your dog. If your dog is elderly or is suffering from arthritis or similar problems, supportive dog beds could be beneficial. They are similar to human foam mattress beds which will ensure the most comforting experience possible for your pet. These beds help by improving circulation and aiding painful areas such as weak joints.


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